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Grant is described as a likeable teacher with a good rapport with his pupils.His unorthodox teaching methods land him with the nickname "Cool Mitch".

The character's storylines include contending with romantic intentions from his pupil Emma Jackson (Dannii Minogue), a relationship with Jane Holland (Josephine Mitchell) and discovering that his sister, Kim Mitchell (Rachael Beck) is a drug addict.Mitchell has been covering Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton since 1992, and has been traveling with her for a year.Alas, neither Mitchell nor Clinton will get to sleep in their own beds post-Democratic National Convention.The very good-looking and delightful Andrea Tantaros is an American political forecaster and critic currently who is working for the channel of Fox News.She was born on 30th of December in 1978 with the origin name as Andrea K. She was grown up in the town named as Allentown in the Lehigh Valley of Pennsylvania.

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