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Dumalo sa gaganaping Ang Dating Daan Worldwide Bible Exposition sa darating na ika-14 ng Hulyo 2017, Biyernes, PM (PHT), sa lahat ng ADD Coordinating Centers sa bansa at sa ibayong dagat.Maaaring makinig via Facebook Live o Youtube live streaming.This is not a personal attack on Eli Soriano’s character and sincerity but a careful analysis of his teachings and how he misinterprets the Bible–so that readers will be more careful next time they read or hear him teaching.I am just following the wise counsel in Acts regarding the believers in Berea: “The people there were more open-minded than the people in Thessalonica.

Eli's videos on You Tube as his reference but without further disclosing or showing the source to the audience. Eli, he also accused the MCGI of not providing him the equipments he needed (i.e. The moderator then warned Catarinen for his unlikely opening for Catarinen was like a soldier making a fuss while demanding weapons from his opponent. Simplicio Mijarez (left) serves as the moderator while Eusebio Catarinen of Church of Christ (standing), together with his unnamed colleagues (right), argues that Christ owns the church. Jessie Asong) Later, Catarinen argued that Christ owns the church through the notion that Christ spoke His own words or did things (i.e. However, even in prayer, what Christ wants to happen is the Father's will and not His own." "When you pray, do you speak the doctrines to God or what you ask Him for? Eli while using as an example a person suffering from rheumatism. In its absolute sense, it is not the whole church that was purchased, but sins of the men inside the church, Bro. "Christ is the head of the Church, and cannot buy the Church of which He is a part of," he said.

They listened to the message with great eagerness, and every day they studied the Scriptures to see if what Paul said was really true.” (Act GNB).

So in application of this passage, we will study the Scripture itself to see if what Eli Soriano teaches is in line with what really the Bible says.

Para sa inyong katanungan tungkol sa address ng aming lokal, magpadala lang po ng mensahe sa Viber no.

The program started in October 1980 on radio station DWWA 1206 k Hz then in 1983 on television as a 30-minute block timer on IBC with a shoe-string budget..

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The article is titled “God-Inspired Prophecies About a Poor Nation and a Nobody Like Brother Eli”.

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