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A clique will expect their discomfort from the newcomer's presence to diminish at a much faster pace than realistically possible for the newcomer to acquire comfort.

Being in a comfortably established in a group is nothing like being the outsider.

It has certainly been true for me at different times throughout my life - both during the period of life when I wasn’t a Christian and since I became one.

And this experience is not unique to me; it is something that other autistics have also experienced. Please be clear: though I may appear to be critical of churches in this post, my intent is not for this to be a “Christianity-bashing” post.

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These disorders are characterized, in varying degrees, by difficulties in social interaction, verbal and nonverbal communication and repetitive behaviors.This will be a multi-part series about autism and the Christian, from a first-person point of view. Part 2 will be about adulthood, relationships, and employment for the autistic person. The Lord made me this way and gave me spiritual gifts uniquely formed and perfectly suited for an autistic person to glorify Him. Growing up in the 60s was an interesting experience.My very first memory was of the Beatles making an appearance on the Ed Sullivan Show. I got all ready, laying on the floor on my tummy, with a pillow and my chin in my hands.By the end of this post, it will be apparent which one is which. Since none of them feel comfortable with the newcomer, all will blame the newcomer.The question is, "Who does God expect to create the atmosphere of comfort? They presumptuously believe the newcomer should feel comfortable with them since they're all comfortable with each other. Just because some newcomers may feel comfortable doesn't mean every newcomer does.

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