Avoiding and accommodating

When compromising, we have to give something up in order to receive a partial reward.

Situations in which The Compromising Mode should be used include: In this situation, both sides are not in a position where they must give all to the other party as they share power and therefore a compromise is in order and should be implemented as to change the reward outcome to appease both sides.

There are five conflict management styles:1) Avoiding2) Forcing3) Accommodating4) Compromising5) Collaborating–––~~~••• O •••~~~–––Conflict Management Styles: “Avoiding”Avoiding is when you prefer not to look at the issue, when you evade it, or when you delay it.

Avoiding is when you decide that “staying away from the conflict” is the best route to take.

Besides its native language, the TKI is also available in Spanish, French, Portuguese, Danish, Dutch, Swedish, Japanese, and Chinese (traditional and simplified).

The TKI is designed to measure a person's behavior in conflict situations.

It is when you require the other party – by virtue of physical force, psychological force, political force, etc. If one of the parties in the conflict adopts the forcing style and the other party adopts the accommodating style (see below), this is said to be a 100/0 – meaning – the forcing party wins and the accommodating party loses.

In this blog post we will discuss The Comprising Thomas-Kilman Conflict-Handling Mode.

If both parties involved in the conflict avoid the conflict, this is said to be a 0/0 – meaning – none of the parties involved in the conflict wins anything.

–––~~~••• O •••~~~–––Conflict Management Styles: “Forcing”Forcing is when you impose your opinion, point of view, decision, etc., on the other party involved in the conflict.

Doesn’t it make sense that your organization would actively seek out and promote those individuals that demonstrate early in their careers the ability to address conflict in productive ways?

Whether you’re a nurse manager or an advancement-minded staff nurse, one of the best career strategies you can employ is to become adept at managing and resolving conflict.

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