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Child beauty-pageant winner Jon Benet Ramsey was 6 years old when she was killed in December of 1996.She had been beaten and strangled, and her body was found the day after Christmas in the basement of her own home in Boulder, Colo.

The Twittys and their friends, with two Aruban policemen, went to the Van der Sloot home looking for Natalee.

He also claims that because of the notoriety of the case he now finds it very difficult to find work.

The Boulder police considered the possibility that an intruder had gotten into the house and committed the murder.

Fox had reported that he and Holloway hold hands and kiss a lot. No word if Ramsey will be with Holloway during her Denver drop-in, which includes a stop at the Tattered Cover Highlands Ranch at p.m. It’s hard to get your arms around Denver’s new luxe-life glossy magazine, Shine.

He lives in Charlevoix, Mich., and she lives in Atlanta, and they are seen in Atlanta at the symphony, restaurants and galleries. People had a hard enough time finding the launch party Friday night at the XJet hanger at Centennial Airport.

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