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According to the results of a DNA test I took recently, my ancestors on my father's side are mostly from West Africa (via Arkansas), and the ones on my mom's side come from Europe.

When strangers inquire about my racial background, I tend to try to de-escalate their interest. I'm a little self-conscious about engaging in excessive navel-gazing regarding my racial identity.

In North America, studies have found that the multiracial population is continuing to grow.

I say things like, "I'm just your run-of-the-mill mixed person with a white mom and a black dad." In other words: nothing super exotic. It hasn't been particularly difficult for me to manage.

If anything, it may have made life easier for me and meant I've encountered less racism than people who have two parents who identify as black.

He always made it clear HE doesn't feel that way, it's just the general consensus with white guys.

Well after a while it became clear he DID feel that way and I couldn't take it anymore and we eventually broke up.

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I couldnt quite come to terms with that because if my kids were white why wouldnt he be "cleaning up a white guys mess" if they are indeed cleaning up someones mess?

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