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It’s one of the most widely used wireless technology in the world, according to the Bluetooth Special Interest Group.More than 3 billion Bluetooth products that were expected to ship last year alone, and that number will likely almost double within the next three years. But if you’re someone who likes to play around with these kinds of connected gadgets, you know it can be frustrating when there’s a hang-up pairing the two.Here are some common causes of pairing problems as well as advice on what you can do about them.Bluetooth depends on both hardware and software to work properly.You'll just have to wait a few minutes until the USB device is operational again.

Bluetooth Smart devices are not backward compatible and won't recognize (or pair with) older devices that support Classic Bluetooth.Warning: Some cars may have newer software than the one listed on BMW's support website.Compare your existing software version with the one in the update PDF files (above), if you get this error when upgrading: ""Disclaimer: This is a DIY guide and, as such, you must be aware the procedures described here involve some risks.We do not currently have an estimated time frame regarding the completion of i Phone 7 testing.Please continue to look for an update from Apple for a new i OS and our update website to help resolve your concerns: It’s not uncommon for brand-new phones to have Bluetooth connectivity issues, although a problem that causes audio to cut out (what I’ve been experiencing in a car with an (admittedly dated) Ford Sync system) is more serious than most.

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Going off the number of complaints, it seems like BMW, Kia and Ford vehicles are all having repeat problems connecting, while some users are complaining about intermittent issues with Bluetooth speakers.

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