Buddhist guide to dating

His teachings imply that all human relationships are wonderful opportunities to practice loving-kindness, generosity, and mutual support.

A long-term committed one was all the more an opportunity to go deeper in one’s understanding and cultivation of these qualities.

You're an ignorant male completely unaware of your potential to make your super devout Buddhist girlfriend miserable through your complete ignorance. This article aims to give you the low-down on how to have a Buddhist girlfriend.

In Buddhism, striving for that which is outside of our true nature is seen as wasteful.

The Buddha did not lay rules on married life but gave necessary advice on how to live a happy married life.

There are ample inferences in His sermons that it is wise and advisable to be faithful to one wife and not to be sensual and to run after other women.

The spider weaves its web, creating a living matrix of awareness. When something dies, you don’t lose it, because you never owned it.

As we enter it, we change, and eventually pass through it, to the beyond.

The Buddhist views on marriage are very liberal: in Buddhism, marriage is regarded entirely as personal and individual concern, and not as a religious duty.

There are no religious laws in Buddhism compelling a person to be married, to remain as a bachelor or to lead a life of total chastity.

And what she realized left her adamant about changing her ways; she remembers being passive-aggressive, judgmental, and constantly comparing her “insides to others’ outsides.” As Kane explains from the D. home she shares with her husband, “Most of my interactions had been me blaming other people for my own insecurities — all the things that weren’t working out in my life had everything to do with everybody else.”So she began throwing herself into spiritual books and classes, with the aim of learning to communicate better — not just with the folks around her, but with herself.

She eventually adopted a “life-changing” meditation practice, and, thanks to what she calls “self-responsible communication,” learned to own everything she felt said, dramatically improving her relationships and her overall happiness.

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