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Unfortunately, I need to inform you that Our Sunday Visitor is not able to accept your ad.

Thank you for your response to the offer I sent you, and I hope we might be able to work together in the future.

"I would be happy to work with you on a proposal that best meets your needs for your apostolate," read the email from Our Sunday Visitor's (OSV) advertising account executive in a message dated March 27.

Church Militant responded confirming reservation of a 4x4 inch ad for the May 14 Mother's Day issue.

The ad would have combined a Mother's Day promotional along with information on our upcoming Rome pilgrimage in October.

Without having seen the ad, the executive sent a follow-up email Wednesday rejecting the reservation without explanation: Thank you for your effort during the past couple of days.

“By allowing the shopper to upload an image of themselves, they become their own virtual mannequin, on which to assemble outfits that they feel confident in purchasing.” Serial entrepreneur Weyrich has started three Internet companies and three mobile app companies since the age of 22, and recently sold a Catholic Dating service he owned and operated in 2007 to a competitor.

“With this application, you no longer have to go to the stores to see what you would look like with a dress from BCBG, shoes from DSW and a handbag from Saks.

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“In the state of ‘whiteness’ one does not live in the true sense of the word. In order to make it come alive it must have ‘blood’, it must have what the alchemists called the rubedo, the ‘redness’ of life.

Only the experience of being can transform this ideal state into a fully human mode of existence.

Items are not just limited fashion either – there are home decor items as well as stuff for children.

“We took the application one step further than other mobile shopping applications,” says Andrew Weyrich, CEO, Weyrich Enterprises, which developed Divalicious.

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