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When I’m filming, I’m so exhausted by the time I get back to my home in Shepherd’s Bush, west London, on Friday evening that I slump straight into bed, which isn’t exactly fun for my husband Roly [an entrepreneur].

She wakes up at 7am, and if I stayed in bed while Roly took her to the park, I’d feel really guilty. On Saturday morning I make myself a rich cup of coffee and cook us breakfast.’ Cherry tells Alicia, who remains determined to do everything in her power to track Benjamin down, even though she knows the chances of the two rekindling their long-lost romance are slim.Cherry explains that because removing yourself from social media is such a 'conscious choice', people are often extremely thorough and leave no trace of themselves - which is unfortunate for those who are trying to track them down. In ante-natal class they teach you about perineal massage and pelvic floor exercises. If it's so bad, why do so many people have more than one?!

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My favourite is poached eggs and smoked salmon on very grainy, slightly burnt toast.

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