Dating 10 months no commitment

What’s more important, your insecurity and ADD or being in a relationship with the person you’re currently hanging out with?

Sometimes doing nothing is better than doing too much, or too little.Sure they are in an exclusive relationship, plain to see.But being in an exclusive relationship does not mean he's in it for the same reasons she is. Not all exclusive relationship leads to commitment.Plenty of 'relationships' out there are exclusive but never escalate to something deeper. They can be in relationships for 2-3 years and never fall in love, they just don't want to be alone. Him being 17 years older, being deceived by life and love, not addressing exclusivity or commitment after 6 months - to me - that sounds like the type of guy that is just happy going with the motion and not care if it last or not with OP. Not all exclusive relationship leads to commitment. Spending most their free time, meeting friends, families, come on.

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That “click” will still be there in three months, and hopefully six, and a year, etc.

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