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"My therapist thinks I'm only attracted to emotionally unavailable men," she told me afterward.This pissed me off, because people used to suggest that to me too, judgmentally, like I was broken and masochistically handpicking guys who'd poke at my wounds. When really, my friend isn't single because she was attracted to two men who weren't ready to commit to her.Lookout for these signs, as they signify that your man lacks empathy: But just because a man can easily cry doesn't mean that he's compassionate. Some emotionally unavailable men are compassionate — they give to charities, they listen to their friends' problems, they lend money to friends and family members; however, you have to look at a man's level of compassion for another person's feelings in moments when he's upset.You have to look at how he behaves when you are most needy: when your insecurities flare up or when you're in the midst of a tough circumstance.The other weekend, my friend had a drunken bar makeout with a dude who turned out to have a "sort of" girlfriend.Before that, she spent a few months dating a man who — dickhead alert — was secretly married with a child.I am addicted to reading articles with titles like, “are you dating a narcissist?

You're committed to making things work, but he just won't open up.

If we were in relationships with people who fulfilled us, we would have to deal with our own pain.

So, instead, we become enmeshed with emotionally unavailable people as a way to avoid ourselves.

Here are some reasons why we go for emotionally unavailable partners: It's way easier to look at others and list all the ways they need to change than to look at ourselves and own up to our own faults.

Because, then, we'd have to do the hard work to change.

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