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And he’s produced a lot of top-notch material to help aspiring PUA’s improve their game. Instead, what he does is research an aspect of pickup extensively, practice integrating it into his own life, and then give a seminar based on his findings. Each seminar is recorded live and edited into DVD and audio guides which are then made available for customers on the Double Your Dating website.

More than any other single contributor, I credit David De Angelo with having the most influence on my decision to become a professional dating coach.

The book provides with exact steps and particular directions that help men in being successful with dating women.

The tips provided in the book does not require one to one to be rich or handsome to be successful in dating.

David De Angelo has an amazing sense of what women are truly looking for in a man, and his ideas are a true must-read for any guy who wants to improve his attractiveness to women.

The Double Your Dating book is very well written and fairly short.If I'm done, why do I have to sit in the house and be lonely? David De Angelo is one of the most important names in pickup, because of five simple words: “Attraction is not a choice.” When De Angelo published his seminal work, “Double Your Dating,” it reverberated around the pickup community like a thunderbolt.why she stands behind Swift and doesn't agree with the dating double standard women are held to – in a recent interview.WATCH: Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston Spotted Kissing on the Beach In late May, Swift – who has a history of dating a LOT of Hollywood’s finest men, and not staying single for long – broke up with Calvin Harris after more than a year of dating.

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Double Your Dating is considered one of the most famous and first dating advice ebooks.

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