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i would like to have a real friend the rest will come by... country code Rwanda (Two fifity ) sevn eght thri fifittwo eigtnine nintyeigt. These documents are diplomatic cables sent from the American Embassy in Kigali to the US State Department in Washington, DC.These documents were later leaked to Wiki-Leaks which is where I found them.Ties between the two countries have been strained since the 1994 genocide owing to Kigali's accusation that French forces trained extremist Hutu militia that carried out the killings, but Paris has repeatedly denied the charge.The Commonwealth secretariat faced criticism from human rights activists for its decision because of alleged strong-arm policies by the Rwandan government.The Day Kayibanda Insisted On Ethnic Balancing, And Threatened Repression On Trouble-Makers The first document I am posting today is about President Gregoire Kayibanda’s repression and ethnic balancing in schools, as summed up by the American embassy in Kigali.KAYIBANDA STATEMENT ON RECENT TROUBLESIN HIS FIRST PUBLIC PRONOUNCEMENT ON RWANDA’S RECENT TROUBLES, PRESIDENT KAYIBANDA ISSUED STATEMENT READ ON RADIO MARCH 23.

"Hi, Anna, it's Mark," she responded jokingly, "Which Mark? She says they started talking on a daily basis and went on their first date a month later when he travelled to Canada.

These documents help shed light on the Rwandan history that is still largely unknown to most Rwandans.

And yet if we do not know the past, we won’t shape the future while avoiding previous historical disasters of which there are many.1.

The website is usually something like, and there are hundreds of people joining it and creating accounts with the hope of finding 'true love.' Many may find this weird. You'll be shocked; some people have been lucky and can testify to finding 'happily-ever-after' by just the click of a mouse.

Take 25-year-old Anna Mwiza and 38-year-old Mark Kimenyi for example. "It's actually funny how we met; it was because of a mistake on my profile page.

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