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6, 2014), which brings together a host of policies, many of which have military justice implications. A couple of scenarios to consider are: The Army also prohibits relationships between certain categories of Soldiers, regardless of any command or unit affiliation.

Recruiters and permanent party personnel assigned or attached to the U. Army Recruiting Command or National Guard recruiting program are also prohibited from establishing personal relationships with potential prospects, applicants, members of the Delayed Entry Program or members of the Delayed Training Program not required by the recruiting mission is prohibited. They may want time to see how they do living apart or to seek counseling to save their marriage. If they can’t afford to live apart, they may act as though they are separated while living in the same home - as roommates without cohabitation (sexual relations).When it becomes clear that the separation is going to last for some time or that the next likely step is divorce, a couple may enter into a “separation agreement,” which is a written agreement that spells out how the couple wants to handle certain issues during their separation, including child custody and support, alimony payments (if any), and the division of property.If the couple decides to legally separate or divorce later, they may be able to incorporate their separation agreement into a judgment of legal separation or divorce.A “legal separation” is a court order, which declares that a couple is legally and officially separated.

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