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“We want Johoreans to play their role and be part of this development,” he had said.

In respect of land use, IIBD will not be dominated by its commercial area (51 per cent) because there is also significant room for green and open spaces (21 per cent), institutions (14 per cent), residential areas (nine per cent) and parking spaces (two per cent).

It is becoming increasingly popular as a commercial and residential area and with a direct link to Johor Bahru slated to open soon.

It is also close to the Tebrau-Plentong corridor which is seeing tremendous growth and also a lot of high end developments such as waterfront and marina type projects along with hotels and more commercial areas set to come in future.

It is easily accessible and requires a four hours’ drive from Singapore to Port Dickson.

After crossing the Causeway Link from Singapore, head off north to the North-South Expressway and make your way to Port Dickson Interchange (Exit 219).

A little known fact about Taman Molek is that for about half century it was the site of the main transmitting station of the BBC or British Broadcasting Corporation in the Far East – known locally as BBC Tebrau – before this was relocated to Singapore.

Check it out: Port Dickson is located at the west coast of Malaysia.

Even during busy weekdays this Street is crowded with people and interesting stuff to see and to buy. Like a lot of them say after the trip, it is a great place to go and shop and night life there is just awesome.

Located in Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia, Port Dickson has been receiving natural lovers and food enthusiasts from all over the world.

One of the states in Malaysia is a unique blend of ancient and modern with wonderful sights, rich heritage and history. Well, Malacca is a famous tourist destination with rich cultural heritage of the empire, subsequently the colonial rule of Portuguese, Dutch and British. A lot of them point, that this is a romantic, historical place you will fall in love with.

Traditional culture is carried on by the Baba & Nyonya who are descendants from the Chinese delegates of Ming Dynasty’s Princess Hang Li Po at Malacca. This wonderful living museum was established in 1896 and once was the family home for the Baba Chan family.

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