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I heard that one ex-wife and children is baggage, 2 ex-wives and children is cargo - and I have experienced this and yes - the drama is insane and all the kids were grown - it was a few of the grown children and their children (grandchildren) that were still causing a big mess moving back into the house, not taking care of their children, fussing and fighting with the ex wives ... My son married had 2 boys, then she got crazier than she was already and they got divorced. I simply want to just go out to the realm of imagination and not givin' a fidget spinner to the consequences here. We both knew this from the start and have agreed that we both didn't wan Hi guys, Posted a few weeks ago about a Pisces I was having a FWB with and then I went on vacay for 10 days.

The142Nd/144Nd of modern terrestrial mantle-derived lavas is 18 ± 5 ppm higher than the chondrite reservoir.This brings us to the nice, round, even number of 4500 Mya, so that mathematical convenience and geological protocol are equally served.The beginning of the solar system is one of the most accurately measured dates in astronomy.Pete became excited about treehouses at age 5 when his dad built him a treefort behind the garage of their Ridgewood, NJ home.The scope and size of Pete's treehouse fantasies expanded from there, but all of that appeared to run its course by the time he received his driver's license.

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