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Sure, these things can be part of it, but don’t expect anything more than having fun and getting to know each other.When you put pressure on the other person to deliver a flawless getaway and show that if anything goes wrong you’ll be disappointed, it can suck the fun out of the weekend — for both of you.Your first romantic holiday with a new partner will probably be the first time you spend a prolonged period of time together.However, you need not feel intimated by this, as embarking on a romantic holiday with your new love can help build and strengthen your relationship as a whole.You'll get to see how he responds to a wide variety of situations.Should you go on the trip if you two haven't yet agreed to be monogamous yet?

You'll have to ask for "down" time and share it with each other.

While I’ve gotten pretty good at resisting the urge to invite potential boyfriends to travel across the world with me, I love planning weekend getaways.

To me, it’s a great way to really get to know someone before you make any official commitments (plus, it’s a great excuse to travel! And, as someone who has experienced both wonderfully successful and awkwardly unsuccessful weekend getaways with new guys, I can say there are some basic tips to keep in mind before setting out on this type of adventure, including: For some, the idea of going on a romantic weekend getaway for the first time with someone they’re dating can lead to non-stop daydreaming of perfect dinners, whisperings of sweet nothings and vows of commitment.

According to our Elite Singles’ psychologist, Salama Marine, “Holidays are a good opportunity for couples to take stock and reassess their relationship back home.

Discussing your everyday life from a distance, particularly while relaxed on holiday, enables a constructive conversation and ultimately assists in building a strong foundation between you.” Romantic breaks then, are not only a chance for you to reconnect as a couple, but can be used as an opportunity to enhance your relationship when you're back in your everyday lives.

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Instead, keep things light and make jokes when the waiter spills wine on your shirt or you get lost and miss your dinner reservation. Maybe neither of you have ever zip-lined, or you both have an interest in cooking but haven’t yet taken a class.

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