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“Sex hormones are highest for both men and women in the morning, plus we tend to feel fresher in the a.m., so wake up 20 minutes early and really surprise her,” suggests licensed marriage and sex therapist Kat Van Kirk, Ph.

This topic covers the essential human endeavor of finding someone you can be happy with, keeping them and yourself happy during the relationship, and how to deal with the inevitable problems that crop up when people are close.

V-Day is not just about love, but about your specific love (or like, if you’re not quite there with your S. That means you need to tailor the date to what is right for your relationship—both the unique experiences you’ve had together as well as how committed you are to one another (there is most certainly a difference between “I like you but we just met” dates and “I will love you forever” dates). Chill—we’ve polled an arsenal of dating and relationship experts to give you over two dozen creative date ideas.

Calling all lovers, daters and relationship seekers!

Her work has given her a front row seat on the metamorphosis of countless people.

Her first book, Find Your Self-Culture: Moving Past Depression and Anxiety to Monumental Self-Acceptance has been described as a way out of the rabbit hole of depression and anxiety using profound self-love and awareness.

Her new book Connecting: Rewire Your Relationship-Culture is published in February ( Manor House Publishing).“This book would have made my journey shorter and easier.

An intimate relationship is an interpersonal relationship that involves physical and/or emotional intimacy.

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