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A 2011 political science study found that political attitudes were more important in choosing a partner than even personality or looks.

Apparently, it’s one thing to marry someone boring or homely, but it’s another thing entirely to marry a Republican.

“But I have clients all over the country, and people are saying, ‘If you’re a Trump supporter, swipe left.’ ” More people are online dating than ever before, according to data collected by the Pew Research Center last year.

Fifteen percent of all Americans reported using an online dating site or mobile app, up from 11 percent in 2013, and dating online has nearly tripled since among 18- to 24-year-olds over the same period. The outsized mention of Trump on dating sites could reflect the growing partisan divide across the country.

People wed across religions, across age ranges, across countries.

But in our deeply partisan culture, I am beginning to believe that inter-political marriage is the new taboo.

They're still together and still hold different ideologies. Did you guys meet before or after you got involved in politics? Like we both were involved at home and in high school and stuff. We didn't know each other's respective ideologies, I don't think, when we met. Charlotte: Nick was called the campus conservative []. OK, so Charlotte you said you knew Nick was a Republican when you guys started dating. Do you think Nick getting that role inspired you to try to do that for the Democrats?

It would never work,” one user says in the opener to his bio on Tinder, a popular mobile dating platform that boasts 26 million matches per day.

And now we have to survive the 2012 presidential election.

We have survived two military deployments, two cross-country moves, colicky babies, health scares and money problems.

See, as long as we’ve been together, my husband and I have canceled each other out at the polls. We don’t even watch the news at the same time.“You can thank your buddy, Obama,” my husband mutters whenever interest rates go up or a doctor’s co-pay increases. Recently, we ran into an annoying highway roundabout, and it kicked off my husband’s eye rolling.

There are times over the years when this didn’t matter so much. But lately, our political tension is like a microcosm of the country. “Our taxes at work,” he said.“I’m quite sure Obama didn’t specify Wisconsin roundabouts in his economic stimulus plan,” I said.

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I didn't realize that I could just start doing stuff.

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