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Four days later, I get this warning: Email title: “LAST CALL: 3 Hours Left…” OK, that’s fair enough. Just as thousands of people were trying to sign up for Eben’s incredible offer, the unthinkable happens. (Note how the title of the email has the words “last chance” in quotes, perhaps for reasons that will become clear later.) Email title: One “last chance” for Digital Product Blueprint you’re giving me another chance is because I may have been trying to buy on Thursday, but was denied because of technical reasons. Now, the server was unavailable (we are told) for 21 minutes. Email title: “Another Chance At Digital Product Blueprint” So you’re telling me this happened to you 16 years ago, and you didn’t learn your lesson then? Email subject: “HEADS UP: Closing For Good In 5 Hours” That’s the second “last email for the night” I’ve received. People sometimes need stuff, and need help deciding what stuff they need. But those things are only okay if the And I believe Eben Pagan lied when he sent me that email saying I only had 3 hours to get onto his course.Eben is creating urgency here, which is an extremely helpful factor in getting people to say yes to your proposition. But you’re reopening the doors for a full 24 hours. Or, let’s just throw an idea out there, maybe the 1999 server crash was either fake, or… Let’s hope this really is “last chance” as he says. That’s marketing, and it’s what I do for a living right now. Let’s say that his server did go down for a full 21 minutes.

Once your head is in the game, Double Your Dating gets down to the nitty-gritty details of what it takes to attract women.

David De Angelo, a former real estate broker turned pickup artist and dating guru, creates a solid foundation for men who are new to the study of attraction by providing a background on the subject based in gender studies, evolutionary biology, and psychology.

Then, once he has thoroughly covered the theoretical, he moves into the practical.

(I know this has some truth, because I’ve sold two digital products for six-figures in sales, however it’s not the only way.) The sequence started with a “tripwire” free offer, possibly promoted with Facebook video ads. This sent me through to Eben’s “sideways sales letter” (borrowing Jeff Walker’s term from “Product Launch Formula“… These videos are very well written, skilfully presented, and well produced.

My only gripe is that they’re mostly sales pitch, but that’s the whole point. ” A few days later, right as the course is due to start, we get this lifeline!

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