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And don’t expect the show’s comedians to impersonate Egyptian President Abdel Fatah al-Sissi and other Arab leaders or poke fun at their policies or rhetoric.

These days, political satire could easily shut down the show and even result in a jail sentence.

"It's for sexual life or just for fun," said Sayeed, 30, a musician on his second such relationship, arranged through a lawyer friend.

The contracts are issued discreetly, some with more official pomp than others.

(David Degner/For The Washington Post) “We are doing SNL without politics.

It’s like you’ve lost a leg out of two,” said George Azmi, one of the show’s head writers, adding that sex and religion are also taboo subjects.

An estimated three million urfi marriages have been officially registered with notaries, but the unregistered number is much higher.

Would highly recommend for undergraduate and graduate research in gender studies, Middle Eastern studies, and sociology/anthropology.

I think about this book constantly and I have lent it to several friends and professors.

A must-read for those interested in Middle East gender studies, anthropology, and contemporary Egypt." (Marcia C. Ghannam does a wonderful job showing the nuances of masculinity, as well as the complexities and contingencies of the masculine trajectory over time. Her ethnographic sensibility perfectly grasps the dynamic and complex intertwining of male and female ways of being and self-presentation and how that interrelationship forms men's lives." (Nafissa Naguib International Journal of Middle East Studies)"In this groundbreaking working, anthropologist Farha Ghannam utilizes 20 years of field research in the working class neighborhood of Zawiya al-Hamra to deconstruct the notion of masculinity . Little work has been done on masculinity in general, and even less on what it means for the ordinary man." (Mona L.

Inhorn Yale University, author of The New Arab Man: Emergent Masculinities, Technologies, and Islam in the Middle East)"In Live and Die Like a Man: Gender Dynamics in Urban Egypt, anthropologist Farha Ghannam offers a compelling longitudinal study of masculinity in a lower- and middle-income neighborhood in Cairo known as al-Zawiya . Well written and accessible, Live and Die Like a Man would be an excellent texts for undergraduate classes, particularly those that aim to dispel stereotypes characterizing Middle Eastern men as macho and violent. Russell CHOICE)"With its focus on masculinity, Farha Ghannam's thoughtful ethnography, Live and Die Like a Man, makes important interventions into the anthropological scholarship on gender, childhood, and family in the Middle East . Russell Middle East Journal)"Farha Ghannam skillfully weaves the life stories of Egyptian men with an important accounting of the precarious balance between genders. Its careful use of 'stories' to illustrate central theoretical claims makes it highly accessible for students, and its link to the 2011 uprising and (some of) its aftermath offers a way of understanding mass mobilization that is largely absent from most analysis and deeply convincing.

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Monroe)"In a book that lives up to its name, anthropologist Ghannam explores what in means to be a man in the working-class neighborhood of Zawiya al-Hamra . Listen to Farha Ghannam's presentations on "The Life and Death of an Egyptian Man" and "Reflections on Masculinity and Violence in the Egyptian Revolution." This book was an incredibly nuanced look into the lives of men growing up in urban Cairo, made possible by Ghannam's long and dedicated engagement with her interlocutors.

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