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The shift index cannot be greater than the number of subperiods in the entire interval.

For example, you could use YEAR2.24, but YEAR2.25 would be an error because there is no 25th month in a two-year interval.

For example, the interval name MONTH2.2 specifies bimonthly periods starting on the first day of even-numbered months.

Process Maker version 2.0 has added a number of new masks, so that date formats can be customized to a much greater degree: For instance to produce dates in a format such as "12/31/09", use the mask "%m/%d/%y".The first opens the calendar popup, just like clicking on the data field.Clicking on the second button clears the date and set it to zero.For example, one entity may follow the regular calendar year, i.e.January to December as the accounting year, while another entity may follow April to March as the accounting period.

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So you want to invoke the results from a RESTful service when the page loads? I would suggest looking at the parameter Map concept of the kendo transport definitions, you can then pass back parameters via REST, OData, Post variables, etc.

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