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https:// expats and counting As the name suggests, the main ingredient on offer come from the sea: local and imported fresh seafood are the main attraction Oysters may seem like a hip trend, but we’...

If the heel of the shoe points towards the door, she will stay single for a while. The art of improvisation You know you’re a foreigner spending Christmas abroad when you want to cook a traditional meal but you don’t find the right ingredients in the supermarket of your host country. That’s how the red fruit jam finds its way to the table instead of the cranberry sauce and kvass is (poorly) replaced by non-alcoholic beer. Christmas dinner at Christmas market You know you are an expat in Europe this Christmas when you do not stay at home for a cosy dinner with friends, but instead travel around (maybe to other countries as well, who knows) and enjoy awesome street food at Christmas markets.

These markets are held in a lot of European countries: Germany, Belgium, Hungary, Finland, Austria, Czech Republic, you name it.

I'll be back for sure next time with friends."She says: "Thank you so much for organizing this wonderful evening!

I've found the atmosphere to be informal, fun, and relaxed (not necessarily what I expected ;). I had a very good time."For some, Expatica Speed Date is more than just a fun way to meet new people.

You can be an expat, a Dutch person willing to meet some international people, or you can be a traveller temporary visiting the Netherlands.

Welcome to The Amsterdam Expat Meetup Group by Laughing at Potatoes!

Fun fact: Christmas officially starts when the first star is spotted on 24 December. If the shoe lands with the nose towards the door, she will probably get lucky.

Amsterdam staat onder andere bekend om het Paleis op de Dam, Chinatown en het levendige Vondelpark.

En er zijn meer dan genoeg leuke cafeetjes en koffietentjes om te daten.

Christmas is one of those rare occasions when you have several days packed with family-get-togethers and then “boom”, it’s gone. You know you are an international spending Christmas in Greece when instead of Christmas trees in towns’ central squares you see Christmas boats.

You know you are an expat anywhere on earth when you invest time in online “speed-dating” with your loved ones before you can actually see them live! This tradition dates centuries back, when Greek wives decorated small wooden ships to express their gratefulness for their husband’s safe return home after a long period at sea.

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