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Global News spoke to security at the Fairview Pointe-Claire mall.They said they were not aware the mall was a hook-up hotspot and now will let the police investigate.Today, same sex families are among the fastest growing demographics in the country.While fewer opposite sex couples are getting married and having children, a gradual slip that's been taking place for more two decades, the numbers are soaring for gay and lesbian couples who tie the knot and start families.It's only been seven years since same-sex marriage was legalized across Canada.

But, there’s actually a whole slew of other dating apps that may be even more useful for you. The one drawback of the location focus is that after a bad date, you risk an awkward run in at the gym.

It's has 30 million active users, with a million logging in every day.

So, even if you think there’s only a million to one chance someone will date you, in theory, there’s a man/woman/omnisexual on here for you. Well, strangely, it's actually one of the immediate problems with OKC.

Some of the places listed on the website include universities, gyms, public parks and many malls, including Fairview Pointe-Claire.

Watch: Teen speaks out about encounter in Fairview Pointe-Claire bathroom “By the time I got out, he had already left,” Tod told Global News.

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