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Based in Eastwood, New York, his company manufactured furniture, metalwork and textiles from 1900 to 1916.

He dubbed his style "Craftsman," though it is often referred to as "Mission" or "Mission Oak."The initials refer to two of Gustav's younger brothers: Leopold (1869-1957) and John George (1871-1921).

With the help of 11 investors, Wege's dream of competing in "The Furniture City" amongst wood furniture... Peter Martin Wege is elected president of Metal Office Furniture Co. However, this doesn't stop Metal Office Furniture Co. Later the company creates a division, Strafor, devoted to the production of office furniture. Metal Office Furniture Co.’s largest customer is the Commonwealth Edison Company of Chicago, which is the first large firm to standardize on our steel desk. products and adds the tagline, “Found Where Business Succeeds”— an advertising... is one of the first companies known to build an official dealer organization. The 621 desk is designed to be fireproof and because of our manufacturing process, is able to support up to 6,000 pounds.

Later, in the 1970s, Strafor Facom purchases Clestra Hauserman.... This fireproof product quickly becomes a top seller for Metal Office Furniture Co. Our product line offerings in 1915 are safe deposit vault equipment, lockers, strong boxes, steel shelving, and wastebaskets. The French company, Forges de Strasbourg, gets its start as a tool and steel structure manufacturer. Hunting makes the first sales on the West Coast – file cabinets and a few miscellaneous items to various stationery stores and equipment dealers. Turner Advertising in Chicago promotes the Steelcase® trademark to emphasize the durability of Metal Office Furniture Co. By 1968 we will have nearly 900 dealers in all 50 states...

Family Businesses: The Stickley Brothers' Companies In 1884, Gustav, Albert and Charles moved their one year old Stickley Brothers Furniture Company from Pennsylvania to Binghamton, New York.

From this point on three Stickleys and their two brothers worked periodically as partners or competitors through a dizzying number of companies and collaborations.

Hompe, president of The Macey Co., is elected president and chairman of the board. (later called Plant #3), with whom we had formed a partnership.

(MOFC) in 1914 when MOFC separates from Macey Furniture Company. Steel furniture is gaining acceptance, and this is Metal Office Furniture Co.’s...

Wege discovers how to use U-channels to make sheet steel stronger, yet lighter, in weight.

A BIT OF BAKER FURNITURE HISTORY In 1890, a Dutch wood artist named Siebe Baker started his own interior woodworking and door company.

His unique workmanship was apparent in each one of his handmade pieces.

Baker is one of the most important furniture makers of our time, with a history for creating high-quality pieces for more than a century.

Throughout the years, the name has become synonym with superior craftsmanship, sturdiness and durability.

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Chairish proudly presents for sale a collection of vintage and gently-used Baker furniture. YOUR ESSENTIAL GUIDE TO VINTAGE BAKER FURNITURE Looking for real, state-of the art used furniture that can turn any stern-looking room into a masterpiece?

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