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Additionally, motorists could be charged depending on where they want to park, whether in a multi-level parking complex like the one built near Shivaji Complex or on the surface parking lot near inner circle,' an official said.

Jarvis, phone call," Lilly said poking her head around the door looking at me with her pretty but vacuous blue eyes.

THERE ARE TIMES IN one's life where, unbeknownst to you, events unfold that fundamentally change your life.

You might imagine that these events, given their disruptive impact on your future, would be significant, memorable, and jarring; a wakeup call. In our family I was the responsible one, a good family member, the kind uncle, a generous brother.

A stage has been built atop the dam amid spooky industrial art design. DAM The helicopter, equipped with a warped logo and the words BLACK VOMIT, swooshes to a halt above the stage where a band is rabidly pounding away. Vomit opens the purse and pulls a compact disc from his Spandex. Vomit turns to stare out at his screaming fans and then down to the "backstage area," zeroing in on an eccentrically, but stylishly, dressed man in sunglasses. BACKSTAGE AREA - NIGHT (SUN HAS SET) The man is JULIAN GRENDEL. The inner CLASSICAL MUSIC CUTS OFF as Bobby Vomit bounds out from the 'copter, a skipping Zuzu in tow. Julian Grendel is deaf; the sound of his speech is perverse in an inter- esting way. Covered from head to toe by licking flames -- a heavy metal human torch. The crowd riots as the band breaks in with their question- able but aggressively stated definition of music. Dribbling a crimson tide, Bobby Vomit falls to his knees with a final scream of earthly existence. A band rocks out with an attractive, bizarrely-dressed female lead singer. The Club Gal storms back into the arms of her suitor while Ford wiggles life back into his head. It's the TWIN SISTER of the Club Gal who slapped him two minutes ago, in a different outfit.

While maneuvering his lips, he reaches out to Zuzu's purse. WATER - SUNSET The VIEWER'S VIEWPOINT finally GLIDES PAST the water OUT OVER a dam, where, at the base, are thousands of screaming fans. Zuzu takes a dainty sip from her wine cooler, babbling softly in a losing battle with consciousness. Zuzu reacts with a dreamy smile and curls into a sleeping fetal position. Vomit pleasantly walks behind Grendel and then wields around, screeching into the back of his boss's head. Bobby Vomit strolls onto the stage -- and he's on fire. Ford moves deeper into the club and lights up his seventieth cig of the day and takes in the la dolce vita ambience. He takes a drag with a grin until a hand slaps the cigarette into his face.

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"LINE THREE," she screamed from her desk six feet away. I hated breaking in new secretaries, it was such a pain.

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  1. It was late afternoon outside the Sportsplex in Langley. “My brother has cerebral palsy,” Laforge says, aware of the neurological disorder that can affect body movement, muscle control, and speech.

  2. (Hey, George, here’s a hint: Most women prefer jewelry over pork.) The New York-born actress — daughter of actors Martin Balsam and Joyce Van Patten — is the only woman to get Clooney down the aisle. I’m allowed one.” Balsam has been married to “Mad Men” star John Slattery since 1998, and has played his ex-wife, Mona Sterling, on the AMC series.