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Stop Word from Demanding the Installation CD Install Multiple Versions of Word on the Same PC Keep Shortcuts for Both Word 2000 and Word XP on the Same Computer Install Word on Both OSes in a Dual-Boot Configuration Install All Necessary Graphics Filters Make the Most of the Word Product-Activation Grace Period Install Word for Only One User Move Word to Another Computer Reinstall Word Word Hangs on Startup Word Takes Forever to Start Word 2003 Runs Slowly Check That Your Computer Has Enough Memory Prevent Word from Creating a Blank Document at Startup Control When the Task Pane Appears Word Asks Whether to Save Changes to Word Says "Is in Use by Another Application or User" Display Full Menus Prevent Menu Items from Changing Position Cut Menus Down to Size Create a Work Menu Put a Close Document Button on the Standard Toolbar Consolidate Your Toolbars into a Custom Toolbar Get Rid of Proprietary Toolbars Choose One or Multiple Word Buttons on the Taskbar Get Rid of Text in the Default Document Create a Template for Each Document Type You Use Frequently Create a Document Based on an Existing Document Use a Template Outside Your Default Templates Folder Save Your Documents the Best Way Save All Open Documents at Once Change Word's Default Folder for Saving Documents Find a Document You've Lost Keep Separate Versions of the Same Document Remove Personal Data from a Document Remove Office-Specific Tags from Web Pages Use Application Recovery to Mitigate a Crash Turn Off Error Reporting Recover a Document After a Crash Control or Turn Off Auto Recover Open Files Saved in Another Format Batch-Convert Many Files Between Formats Make Local Copies of Documents on Network or Removable Drives Understand Document Locking Deal with Spurious "File in Use" Messages Avoid Master Documents if Possible Enable Multiple People to Edit a Document at the Same Time Enable Several People to Edit a Document Simultaneously Recover a Corrupted Master Document Expand and Collapse Outline View Quickly Switch Quickly Among Views Turn Off Formatting Display in Outline View Change the Font Used for Outline View Stop Print Layout View from Shortening Pages Hone Word's Automatic Selection Control Smart-Cut-and-Paste Settings Select Indented Text Accurately Turn Off "Click and Type" Enter Any Amount of Text Quickl-y in a Document Use Auto Text, or Don't It's Your Choice Transfer Your Auto Text Entries Between Templates Remove Mystery Lines from Your Documents Turn Off "Auto Format As You Type" Options Save Work and Time with Auto Format Stop Word from Adjusting Your Capitalization Escape Unwanted Copyright Symbols Transfer Your Auto Correct Entries to Another Computer Insert Symbols and Special Characters Insert a "Hard Space" Find and Replace Quickly Replace Styles and Formatting Replace Dumb Quotes with Smart Quotes Replace with a Subscript Find Any Character, Digit, or Letter Strip Blank Paragraphs from a Document Change "Firstname Lastname" to "Lastname, Firstname" Remove Duplicate Entries from a List Master Navigation Keyboard Shortcuts Navigate with Bookmarks Make Bookmarks Visible Place the Insertion Point Outside a Bookmark Navigate with Browse Objects Navigate with Go To Navigate with the Document Map Customize the Document Map Style Scroll Automatically Through a Document Work in Two Parts of a Document at Once Copy Text Without Formatting Hack Out Columns of Tabs or Spaces Set Realistic Expectations for Auto Summarize Get an Instant Word Count Correct a Way-Off Page Count Remove Useless Smart Tags Stop Word from Searching the Web for Help Get Rid of the Office Assistant Use Cross-References to Keep Text Updated in Different Parts of the Document Insert a Date That Doesn't Change Change the Default Layout in Change the Default Margins Control Formatting When You Paste Bring Spaced-out Pasted Text Down to Earth Copy Intricate Formatting Instantly Change Capitalized Text to Small Caps Replace Spaced Indents with Real Indents Reveal Formatting and Codes Adjust the Conversion from Word Perfect Embed Fonts in Documents You Send to Others Make Word Display All Your Fonts Turn Off Automatic Style Updating Stop Word from Changing the Language Correct Automatic Numbering in Numbered Lists Watch Out for Revision Marks Wrecking Numbered Lists Fix "Page X of Y" Numbering Make Outline Numbering Work Create Custom Outline Numbering Get Started with Styles Remove Formatting with Default Paragraph Font/Clear Formatting Bypass the Styles and Formatting Task Pane Make the Style Drop-Down List Show the Styles You Want Quickly Change One Style to Another Stop a Style Change in One Document from Affecting Other Documents Redefine the Normal Style Control the Style When You Paste Make the Pasted Text Take the Destination's Style Watch Out When Formatting Starts to "Slip" Avoid Layout Changes on Different Computers Make Your Pictures Look Right Crop Pictures Outside Word Get Rid of the Drawing Canvas Rotate Text to the Angle You Want Wrap Text Around a Picture Display Object Anchors Position the Graphic Relative to the Page Create a Watermark Position Lines Where You Need Them See Where a Hyperlink Will Really Take You Bring Hyperlinks to Heel Stop Word From Turning Tabs into Indents Use Tabs Effectively Convert Tabs and Spaces to Just Tabs Create Different Headers on Different Pages Create a Header from a Heading Paragraph Prevent a User from Accessing Parts of a Document Force a User to Fill In Certain Fields Capture Only the Data from a Form Deflate Comment Balloons Turn On and Use Track Changes Toggle Revision Marking Quickly See Only the Revision Marks for Some Reviewers Get Rid of the Reviewing Pane Quickly Use "Compare and Merge Documents" to Highlight Untracked Changes Prevent Other People from Turning Off "Track Changes" Choose or Lose the Red and Green Squiggles Spellcheck Your Documents in Your Preferred Way Watch Out for Mistakes Missed on Porpoise...

..Missed on Purpose Use Custom Dictionaries for Special Terms Remove Mistakes from a Dictionary Share a Dictionary with Other Users Create a Custom Dictionary Quickly Solve the "Custom Dictionary Is Full" Error Unstick the Spelling Checker Create an Exclusion Dictionary Turn Off Grammar Checking Make Sense of Word's Readability Statistics Stop Word 2003 from Crashing When You Print Stop Word XP from Crashing When You Print Troubleshoot Word's Refusal to Print Identify Fields That Change When You Open and Print a Document Make the Print Button on the Standard Toolbar Display the Print Dialog Box Print a Range of Pages Print Double-Sided Pages Without a Duplex Printer Turn Off Background Printing Print Colored Text as Black on a Monochrome Printer Adjust Your Margins for Printing Stop the Printer from Cutting Off the Bottom of the Page Handle "Bizarre Swelling of the Right Margin Syndrome" Create a Black Background with White Text Print to a File Find Where Word Hides the Fax Command Get a Fax into a Word Document Scan and OCR a Document Use a Scanned Picture in a Word Document Choose Whether to Draw Tables or Just Insert Them Prevent Word from Resizing a Table Get a Table Away from the Start of a Document Position a Table Correctly on a Page...

As such the mysqli prepare statement with its separation of the query from the data is a good secure approach to take.

You can enter a date and drag the fill handle down the column to populate a month's worth of cells for a company status report, or type in two non-sequential product prices – and , for example – and fill a row following the pattern you establish.Create a variable from this property after the execute() method but before the close() method of the prepare statement.Microsoft Excel's Auto Fill features help you quickly enter the same value in more than one cell or fill a series of cells with related or sequential values.Word provides the means to format the contents of fields inserted into the document, by the use of 'switches' or masks.The full range of these switches can be found at the end of this page.

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