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Adel Okasha, the head of Dahshur necropolis, said the remains belong to the inner structure of the pyramid, including a corridor.

The 48th Cairo International Book Fair opened on Jan. The countries have included 16 from the Arab world, six from Africa and 13 from other parts of the world. 10, has had about a hundred fewer Egyptian publishers and 50 fewer Arab publishers than last year.The European Parliament called for a ban on selling surveillance technology to Egypt in 2014, and the European Union has made efforts to more tightly regulate the export of such equipment.Following the release of today's report, Privacy International said it is calling on EU member states to verify that appropriate checks were implemented in the Egyptian deals, and that no other spyware has been exported to the country.The company also sold a network to TDR that would allow it to access the internet even in the case of a nationwide blackout, like the one the government ordered during the 2011 revolution.The investigation implicates Hacking Team and Gamma International, as well — two European companies that have come under criticism for selling spyware to oppressive regimes across the world.

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