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I have hand picked 10 awesome ways to meet girls, and I can promise that with the suggestions from our site, you will find the hot ones.

We’ve got girls that will be dressed up as your favorite fantasy hotties, and girls that have D20 games down pat. There is someone for everyone out there, and who deserves it more than we do? Admit it, as nerds (and bastards 😉 ), we are pretty much the most awesome people on the planet.

Although The Atlantic reports that Tweten "had mostly good experiences with online dating, and she met her last serious boyfriend on Ok Cupid," Bye Felipe continues to pick up steam, already having amassed 2500 followers in just two weeks. "If we don't respond, they come back and say, 'you're a whore.' If we do respond, we get yelled at and called names.

I hate that men think they can talk to women like that.

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There are many benefits involved in dating an older woman — as well as quite a few drawbacks.

A mature lady has usually lived through many different experiences, which makes her confident in herself and aware of what is important in life.

When e-commerce director Alec Shaw Stewart, 54, joined a dating site for the first time many years ago, he made a classic newbie mistake.

Keen to convey he was a bright-eyed male with real get-up-and-go, he used the word "active" in the title of his dating profile. A storm of electronic abuse from the good-looking women he’d been hoping to attract. It turned out that women didn’t like 'active' at all.

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