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However few would regard the publication of We therefore are indebted to the publisher of this book for bringing to light an incomparable series of poems which has no equal in world literature.It has been claimed that the work is a pirated edition, and that Thomas Thorpe, the publisher, obtained his copy by theft or subterfuge.The First Folio edition of Shakespeare’s plays, published by Heminge and Condell in 1623, seven years after Shakespeare’s death, did not include his poems.Card – 21 Month Intro Offer on BT and Purchases (a Next Advisor advertiser) offers the longest 0% intro APR period of any card we've found.

One in every four students now take at least one class online, and during the fall 2014 term, 5.8 million college students were taking some of their classes — if not all of them — through distance learning.

Construction of the Blue Mosque in Istanbul began in this year.

All these events were important at the time to those directly involved and to a lesser extent to the wider world.

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  1. In terms of how big this phenomenon is becoming, a 2011 worldwide survey of 25,000 married or cohabiting people found that 37% of those aged 60 years-plus had met their partners through the internet.