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Katrina Bowden, the 23-year-old who plays pretty airhead assistant Cerie on NBC's 30 Rock, is engaged to boyfriend Ben Jorgensen, according to reports! We can't say, but we can say that Chance was spotted with 30 Rock's Katrina Bowden at the Angel Ball on October 29. Ben is the singer and guitarist of the New Jersey-based band Armor for Sleep. And it took a little while, but eventually they cast me, and it's been such a dream. He's an actor, too, obviously, so he knows how to talk to the actors and get the best work out of us. I was so nervous and I got lost on my way there and I arrived like two minutes late and I ran in all frantic.And it's just also really cool because this is his passion project. I think I remember Tracy [Morgan] saying I just stood there in the doorway like a deer in the headlights.

Studiowała na Akademii Niepokalanego Serca w Washington Township.She appears in the music videos "Dance, Dance" by American rock band Fall Out Boy, as well as "After Hours" by Brooklyn band We Are Scientists.Aktor Najlepszy zespół aktorski w serialu komediowym za serial Rockefeller Plaza 30 w roku 2009 wraz z: Judah Friedlander , Jack Mc Brayer , Scott Adsit , Tina Fey , Tracy Morgan , Alec Baldwin , Jane Krakowski , Keith Powell , Maulik Pancholy Katrina Bowden urodziła się 19 września 1988 roku w Wyckoff, w New Jersey (USA).W 2011 roku magazyn Esquire ogłosił ją "Najseksowniejszą żyjącą kobietą".(premiering Tuesday), about the police division of the same name in '60 New York City.

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She signed on as a regular for the show's second season in 2007.

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