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They were working fine yesterday though, longest time I noted between updates yesterday was 9 minutes, so something seem's a miss at the moment. Started a support session with Symantec, ended it after about 10 minutes of watching the rep (who was remote controlling the PC) just keep restoring default settings and running Live Update manually. I don't think it's anything wrong with the PC though as it was working great yesterday - nothing's changed, then nothing at all today, but on both computers. Streaming defs only bring changes when a new virus has been identified.

Though alarmingly, I just ran Live Update manually and it downloaded some new defs, I've not done this on the other machine, and not yet received anything with the pulse updates.

Double-click the icon to open the Symantec Endpoint Protection configuration screen.

Symantec antivirus clients protect computers using current virus definitions.Keeping virus signature files as current as possible is vital to the security of any system.Without current virus definitions the virus scan will not be able to detect new viruses, putting the system and network at risk.Antivirus signature files are updated almost daily by antivirus software vendors.These files are made available to antivirus clients as they are published.

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Symantec clients in a managed environment can be tested by entering The SEPM server name and IP address are located in the troubleshooting menu of the Symantec client.

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