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The motion was proposed as part of a draft bill to amend Article 103 of the Turkish Penal Code on sexual assault of children.

With the votes of AKP MPs, the motion was included in the reform package as a “temporary” clause.

Researchers found that going to bed after midnight can destroy healthy sperm.

This movie definitely shows off all the greatness that Paris has to offer. Plus, there were all of those famous people from the past! It mentioned sex quite a few times, but if you're really mature, you can handle that.

The only "drug" is a relaxation pill that the man gives to a woman about to commit suicide. I loved the movie especially because Gil wanted to be a writer just like me.

The swearing isn't too bad, just simple curses like D and A. I thought this movie should be rated PG despite the fact it did deal with some thematic material but it is not like someone's parent cannot explain to a child those material. I can see some parents rolling there eyes at the fact it makes me want to go there but hey we all are a little naive sometimes.

It was worthy of it's Oscar imaginative romantic comedy, which represents a return to form for master filmmaker Woody Allen, includes some thematic material -- infidelity, professional ennui -- that may be too mature for younger teens.

But given its charming journey back to historic Paris and its lack of anything specifically risque, older teens may get a kick out of it.

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The 1950's are becoming increasingly popular as a theme for costume parties all year long, so we've got you covered...

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