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Blue Wool Scale This refers to the UK standard for pigment lightfastness (British Standard 1006), which is used by some artist paint manufacturers instead of (or in addition to) the ASTM codes.

Brilliance Term referring to the cleanness or absence of a muddy tone in pigmented coatings.

Their tests represent the most absolute classification in use for painting materials, and ASTM codes are employed by all manufacturers of fine art paints to identify their colours in terms of lightfastness and permanence, as follows: ASTM 1: excellent lightfastness. Analogous colours Any set of three or five colours that are closely related in hue and usually found next to each other on the colour wheel - such as blue, blue-green, and green.

Blacks, whites, grays, and most browns are achromatic. This is one of the after-effects of visual perception, which is generally caused by fatigue in part of the optical system.

Dating helps to ease our fascination, but it also helps us track the spread of a culture or art form across the land.

Before the invention of the sawmill, boards were made in various manual ways, either rived (split) and planed, hewn, or more often hand sawn by two men with a whipsaw, one above and another in a saw pit below.

The earliest known mechanical mill is the Hierapolis sawmill, a Roman water-powered stone mill at Hierapolis, Asia Minor dating back to the 3rd century AD.

Bednarik (197) says the earliest known art and related acts provide the base for human symboling, language and cognition, suggesting an origin in several hundred thousand year-old Lower Palaeolithic hominids.

The earliest known rock art (pictographs and petroglyphs) is in central India, Sudan and the Korannaberg of South Africa, while the earliest in Europe is at La Ferrassie in southwest France.

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