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Through Anna, the King learns the refineries and responsibilities of “modern” western civilization; Anna meanwhile comes to realize how important it is for an Oriental ruler to maintain his pride and to uphold the customs of his people.After a successful evening entertaining foreign dignitaries, Anna and the King celebrate with an energetic dance, but this is cut short by a bitter quarrel over the cruel punishment of the King’s new Burmese wife Tuptim (Rita Moreno), who has dared to fall in love with someone else.The first 13 episodes had a segment where Brian Epstein would introduce a hot group from London. There was also a number done by the guest host and the guest performers called the Hullabaloo "Top Pop Medley", a medley of the current hits that topped the charts. The Hullabaloo TV show was a musical variety series that aired on NBC for two seasons from January of 1965 to April of 1966. Each episode of Hullabaloo had a popular guest host who would sing a song or three even if they weren't known as a singer.

In his enthusiasm, Bobby not only reports his friends for minor infractions of the rules at school, he also turns in his brothers and sisters at home. Jan complains that she has no privacy and no identity because of the other children. Bonnie Ludeka Jack Donohue directed the script by Harry Winkler. Others in the cast: Kay:............................ The Bradys tour the island and the boys get involved with an ancient tabu. Others in the cast: Hanalei:........................ David "Lippy" Espinada Hula Inst:...................... There they meet Professor Whitehead, who believes they intend to steal his latest find. The girls get even when the bet the boys that they can't spend the whole night in the attic. Mike mistakenly believes that Greg wants to follow in his footsteps because of a paper he prepares for his English class. Vogel, the new family dentist, is the subject of Marcia's daydreams after she meets him. Peter is such a good actor that the teacher decides he can handle the role of the traitor better than the lead. Others in the cast: Jennifer:....................... Mike sets out to change his son's opinion of the western outlaw by exposing the truth about Jesse. Greg has an important rock concert date coming up, and no way to get there. Hope Sherwood Jack Arnold directed the script by Elroy Schwartz. The Brady kids compete in a local TV amateur contest to win money for their parents' anniversary present. When Grandma Hutchins comes to visit, the Brady kids decide to keep her around by matching her up with Grandpa Brady. Jan finds the idol and more incidents of bad luck happen. Peter's crush on Jan's new girl friend, Kerry, is frustrated so he enlists Greg's help. Cheryl Beth Jacobs Donna:.......................... Greg has the difficult task of judging a cheerleading contest between his sister and his girl friend. Yet after a day of intense investigation, it appears that Cindy will have to confess that she lost them. Martinson directed the script by Larry Rhine and Al Schwartz.Fox partnered Crosby with three of its young contract talents; along the way the original director was replaced with the hot Blake Edwards, fresh from his mega-hit Operation Petticoat.That move proves that Bing could get the best, when he wanted it.

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