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"There were more higher priority packages that had to go forward to council during the request for budget and they overrode this program," said Clissold. With an initial hardware and software cost of 2,000 and an operating cost of 5,000, the program would run just shy of costing a million dollars. indicated that if police are wearing a camera during an arrest, it can cause a reduction in the number of complaints they receive about unnecessary use of force.Clissold says there are also uncertainties that come with police-worn body cameras including the prosecutorial value of video tape, the massive time spent reviewing footage, and the lack of proper infrastructure for storing this amount of material. Last summer, police released the results of a three-year study on body cameras. The Edmonton study did not find that correlation but D'Arcy De Poe, a lawyer and past president of Criminal Trial Lawyers' Association, says body cameras can still bring benefit to both the citizen and the police.

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