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The priests, identified only as Father S, an Englishman, and Father P, a Frenchman, were members of the original SSPX order, who internally investigated the men over abuse allegations but did not inform the authorities.The Vatican reportedly approved of the internal investigations. Pius X has clarified its constant position vis-à-vis Rome after a meeting of major superiors of the Society this week.

Sources say the Synod on the Family and other confusing signals from Rome have led to this clarification of the Society's position, but that the SSPX still very much hopes for regularization.

He has allowed two priests accused of molesting children to become part of his group, a Swedish documentary alleged.

SSPX Resistance is not officially associated with the Catholic Church but there is speculation the Vatican may welcome the group back into the faith.

These organizations accept in principle the documents of the Second Vatican Council, and regard the changes associated with the Council (such as the revision of the Mass) as legitimate, if often prudentially unwise, but celebrate the older forms with the approval of the Holy See.

See Communities using the Tridentine Mass for a more detailed list.

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An ultra-conservative Catholic splinter group based in Kent has been accused of welcoming priests accused of child abuse.

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