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Même si on les appelle « tintype » en anglais, ces clichés n'ont jamais été faits d'étain.L'article que voici raconte l'histoire fascinante des ferrotypes et explique comment les reconnaître.

There are also many portraits of children, including post-mortem photographs of infants.Start a log of your findings, stay organized and persevere and have many sources agree before settling on an estimated date.If you can not find what your looking for at this site then, you may want to start with a visit to your local library.They represent a wide variety of styles, from the plain to the elaborate, dating from 1840 to 1910, and reveal indicators of each subject's social status.Styles include Renaissance Revival, Federal Revival, Rococo Revival, Eastlake, Aesthetic, Tramp Art and Rustic.

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These collodion and later gelatin-based images on thin, blackened, iron sheets were customarily sent through the mail to sweethearts and family.

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