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#Thank You.” Peep his tweets (read from the bottom up): Several of his fans (yes, he raps likes his brother) tweeted him back in support, thanking him for being so transparent and supporting the LGBTQ community. In a video clip posted to his Twitter, Chance said (while holding his daughter Kensli), This my family right here. » EXCLUSIVE: Omari Hardwick Talks About Filming THOSE 'Power' Scenes With The Late Charlie Murphy» EXCLUSIVE: Aja Metoyer Says She Did NOT Wreck Dwyane Wade’s Happy Home & Their Co-Parenting Relationship Is A1» FOOLYWANG MATERIAL: German White Woman Is Doing The Absolute MOST To ‘Transform’ Into A Black Woman » POINT PROVEN?

Tory Lanez Explains Dropping K In Store He Claims Racially Profiled Him Jenna Frumes Gets Petty AF With Antonio Brown» Shaq Revealed His Feet Last Night.

‘Everything changed and now everyone wants a piece of her. ‘I was playing myself, which is one of the hardest things you can do.’Next to acting, Tyson loves music (a passion he shares with his 13-year-old son Jordan, from a relationship with the stylist April Roomet) and motorsports, though for the moment he lacks sponsorship to race his drift cars. She’ll understand,’ he smiles, shooting me a look that’s pure Blue Steel. She rides on the back of the bike with me and we do wheelies, though we don’t let her agent know, or her mum. You need that thrill.’His life doesn’t seem short on thrills.

I hear people say, “You can do better than Tyson.” I’m like, “Really? ‘As a supermodel I go with the other supers round the world: Dubai one day, Paris the next. I’ll wake up in a hotel room and there are people all over the floor and I’m like, “Is this really happening? When she has a bad day I cook it for her and it makes her smile. I have such muscle definition I don’t need to lift weights any more.

The Wades arrived with friends on a 55-foot Van Dutch yacht Sunday.

Khloe Kardashian got in her last work out of the year Saturday at the brand-new Body & Soul Boxing Gym in Coral Gables.

Nancy Rodriguez appeared shocked and wept as the foreman read “not guilty” to 14 of the 18 charges.

Per one partygoer, “the couple still seems to be hot and heavy and were seen kissing and dancing with each other throughout the night.

The completely bombed Atlanta transplant eventually wandered into the loading dock of the Dream Downtown hotel and swiped a box truck, hitting a wall, a taxi and another truck as he sped off.

As he made his way west on 16th Street, he struck a man on a scooter then turned left on Seventh Avenue, blowing through a red light on 14th Street and plowing into the M14 bus, killing Pena. A passenger on the bus had to be pulled out through a window, and a vendor was thrown from his coffee cart.

It was a horrible time and I vowed once I left I would never go back.’ It’s hard to believe but back then Tyson, who has African-Jamaican and Chinese ancestry, was skinny with buckteeth.

” One time in Miami I woke up in the bathtub.’ Working with female supers continues to be a rush. Linda’s great, and Elle, Naomi — though I’ve seen her dark side. I’d trade my life to be a footballer any day of the week.’ ESQ&AHeight 6ft 1½in Weight 88kg Nickname My girlfriend calls me Tyty. ’ I don’t think guys should have lines, you should just say hello and not in a cheesy, corny way. Best ab exercise I hang from the bar and do leg lifts, pointing my toes.

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