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This legal attitude extends to even minor public displays of affection such as holding hands and kissing in public which are socially unacceptable in the UAE and there have been arrests for such behaviour.

Of course there'd be no tourism industry at all if there weren't slightly different rules in the confines of the western hotels, but even there, don't go overboard!

24th March 2017 Safe BAE is the only national survivor-driven organization in the US which works exclusively with middle and high-school students to educate 12-18 year olds about positive consent, peer-on-peer grooming, dating violence, sexual assault prevention, re-victimization intervention, survivor self care, and survivor rights under Title IX.

The charity helps promote social change by providing teens the tools to change peer culture, discussing topics such as peer-on-peer sexual grooming, alongside sexual assaults.

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Australians are eligible for a free 30 day visitor visa-on-arrival.

Public nudity, topless, nude sunbathing and quite obviously, sex on the beach are all illegal as some travellers found out fairly recently.If you have unresolved criminal charges or unpaid debts in the UAE, you may be detained on arrival at the airport, including when transiting. Immigration authorities can refuse you entry in you have a criminal record, regardless of how long the offence took place.If you're concerned about being denied entry, contact the Embassy or Consulate-General of the United Arab Emirates before you depart.La struttura, immersa in un verde giardino, si compone di più edifici che offrono diverse tipologie, dalla sistemazione in Camera Doppia, Tripla e Suite.La struttura dispone anche di un’ampia sala ristorante che si affaccia direttamente sul mare, in una cornice perfetta tra gustose pietanze e una vista mozzafiato.

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La spiaggia, di sabbia bianca, sono raggiungibili facilmente in pochi minuti per mezzo di una navetta gratuita a disposizione degli ospiti.

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