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(This would prevent the use of System Restore – which is date-sensitive) However, Microsoft included in the installation package a file – Binary.updexp which can be used to extend the 30 day time limit.“Update Exp can be used to update the expiration time of a ERD50file.) contains a trial version of ERD Commander (also known as ERD 50 – and very similar to Winternals ERD Commander 2003) which “Provides utilities and wizards that will help you to perform system diagnosis and repair procedures, such as recovering data, disabling problematic drivers, and removing hotfixes” ERD Commander was orginally available as Winternals ERD Commander 2005 – part of the Winternals Admin Pack.

This means you can try out Android apps before you decide to buy an Android device.

When this MSDa RT50is installed it creates an ERD Commander ISO image – erd50– which is located at C: Program Files Microsoft Diagnostics and Recovery Toolseterd50You can use erd50to burn an ERD Commander Windows recovery disk This Windows recovery cd will work for 30 days, after which the following dialog box will appear when an attempt is made to boot a PC from the CD saying “the usage period for this boot image has expired.” Burning another Wndows boot disk CD will make no difference, as the time limitation is encoded into the erd50file.

During the installation process a time limit of 30 days from the date of installation is encoded into the erd50file, so even if you try to create another windows recovery cd from the erd50.iso, the encoded time limit will still commence from the date of original installation.

For more information about the hardware specifications for each Amazon EC2 instance type, see Amazon EC2 Instances.

EBS-optimized instances enable you to get consistently high performance for your EBS volumes by eliminating contention between Amazon EBS I/O and other network traffic from your instance.

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This is one of the most useful PC diagnostic tools I have ever used.

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