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Read more about Update Your Details on the my Gov website.You may receive a reminder in your Centrelink online account asking you to confirm your updated address, and to tell us if any other circumstances have changed.Financial statements must be kept, and, if requested by the Master, must be lodged with him/her, especially when queries regarding the administration of the trust are received by him/her.You should please apply in writing to the Office where the Trust has been registered, providing reasons why this information is needed.For example, if: Use your Centrelink online account to update other address types, such as short term or temporary addresses.You may not be able to update your address through the my Gov Update Your Details service or your Centrelink online account if: You will need to call us or visit one of our service centres within 14 days to advise us of any of the above updates.Income, and sometimes principal, generated from the trust is given to the surviving spouse to ensure that the spouse is taken care of for the rest of her life.This type of trust is commonly used by individuals who have children from another marriage.

Aside from providing the living spouse with a source of funds, a QTIP can also help limit applicable death and gift taxes.

The inter-vivos trust must be registered with the Master in whose area of jurisdiction the greatest portion of the trust assets are situated.

If more than one Master has jurisdiction over the trust assets, the Master in whose office the trust was first registered will continue to have jurisdiction.

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