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CCR is designed to provide high availability for Exchange 2007 Mailbox servers by providing a solution that: CCR uses the database failure recovery functionality in Exchange 2007 to enable the continuous and asynchronous updating of a second copy of a database with the changes that have been made to the active copy of the database.

During installation of the passive node in a CCR environment, each storage group and its database is copied from the active node to the passive node.

It is your responsibility to make sure the CCR you send your customers is correct and consistent with the compliance data submitted to the TCEQ and contains all information required in the TCEQ publication Fees, Standards and Reporting requirements for Public Water Systems.

In addition to providing data and service availability, CCR also provides for scheduled outages.

To upgrade your Router OS version, all you need to do is click a button.

This feature is available in command line, Winbox GUI, Webfig GUI and Quick Set.

Updating from SAM Only a vendor administrator can update from SAM.

When you update your company information from SAM, the CAGE number that displays on the Company Info page is replaced with the most recent CAGE number from your company profile at SAM.

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This operation is called seeding, and it provides a baseline of the database for replication.

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