Updating git

If you got the code from git.mozilla.org, you need to point your checkout at Github instead.

A linear history is simply a Git history in which all commits come after one another. you will not find any merges of branches with independent commit histories.(2) Begin installation of the new Git Fusion version.To install using the OVA or distribution tarball, see the Perforce Git Fusion Guide.You can either temporarily remove the authorized_keys file to block access, or change the firewall rules that allow connectivity to the git Fusion server. (3) Download the latest Git Fusion release from our Downloads page or FTP site.(4) Unpack the tar ball and replace the existing 'git-fusion' directory with the new one. This will sanity check that all is setup correctly, as well as letting you know if you need to update the Git Fusion triggers.(6) Run 'p4gf_update_hooks.py' to update the post-receive and pre-receive hooks for the existing git-fusion repos.

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