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Upper Carboniferous to Lower Permian volcanic successions of the Carroll-Nandewar region, northern Tamworth Belt, southern New England Orogen, Australia | NOVA.The University of Newcastle's Digital Repository Most crustal rocks derive from preexisting crust, and so the composition of newly generated (juvenile) continental crust, and hence the tectonic settings of its formation, have remained difficult to determine, especially for the first...However, increased precision has also illuminated the importance of understanding subtle sources of open-system behavior such as Pb-loss, inheritance, intermediate daughter product disequilibria, and the accuracy of the model assumptions for initial Pb. [Show full abstract]Mineral chronometers, especially accessory minerals using the U-Pb decay system, can reveal important information regarding the environmental conditions and duration of metamorphic-deformation events during the re-working of older rocks.Minerals such as zircon can newly grow during amphibolite facies or granulite facies events, providing direct ages of metamorphism. [Show full abstract]Rocks from the Valhalla metamorphic core complex, British Columbia, Canada, have experienced granulite facies metamorphism at conditions of 820 /- 30 degrees C, 8 /- 1 kbar.Thus the current ratio of lead to uranium in the mineral can be used to determine its age.

Although carefully collected, accuracy cannot be guaranteed. Differing provisions from the publisher's actual policy or licence agreement may be applicable.U–Pb Decay System and Age Calculations The accumulation of Pb in U-bearing minerals according to known decay rates of radioactive parent isotopes of U and Th forms the basis of this dating method.One measures the amount of radiogenic (i.e., produced from radioactive decay) Pb relative to the amount of radioactive parent isotope."Many of these studies will now have to be redone." The U/Pb isotopic dating technique has been critical in dating geologic events more than 100 million years old, including volcanic eruptions, continental movements and mass extinctions."The beauty of this new technique is that we now can analyze samples we previously could not get an accurate date for," Mundil said.

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