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There are also those that let fill in the appropriate information and can simulate an SPF check from anyone and from anywhere.The Tools page has information on specific test tools known to be available.This is an ongoing maintenance item, and it has a big impact on how Bing views your website.

I’ve always felt that a sitemap file with a very low load time is also advisable if you can speed up the dynamic elements of the file generation.This post will teach your a few new tricks with my favourite crawl tool, Screamingfrog and (hopefully) save you some time in your own technical SEO audit projects.By the end of this tutorial, your XML sitemap will the audited for any 404 errors (or 5xx errors, etc).Our Bonus Accelerator policy lasts for 10 months instead of 12, but credits you with a full year's No Claims Bonus after 10 months.This means that you can build up your No Claims Bonus more quickly, so long as you don't make a claim.

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