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This means that your communication happens directly between you and your friends instead of being sent to a server first and then re-distributed.

This significantly improves quality by decreasing latencies and improves security by not having 3rd party servers intercepting your communication.

The duo Denis Mars and Arend Naylor have come up with a very useful web application that offers video chat with absolute ease.

Meet with a co-worker, your project team members, hang out with your friends, get help from your teacher or speak to a customer, has made amazingly simple face to face online meeting without the need for installing complex software or joining a social network or having to add contacts. After opening I just had to perform a few clicks and my meeting started. No need to install any software in your computer, no need to sign up as any other video conferencing tool would have forced you to do.

GDAX requires two identity verification steps for all customers.

We are not able to manually bypass any requirements for customers. Document snapshot Government identification such as an ID document, Driver's License, or Passport is accepted. Below are some suggestions for troubleshooting any issues you may have with these verifications.Unfortunately, we have no manual processes for circumventing these requirements.If you are unable to complete them, you will be unable to use GDAX at this time.Please reach out to a Student Advisor for further assistance with obtaining a webcam for the exam.Once you have successfully completed the above process, you are ready to begin your proctored exam.

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So, if you have webcam, microphone and headphone that’s enough.

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