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They did very well for themselves with their first album, but they all have day jobs now. I thought they were a big band, and I don't know why they haven't continued to have success."Seether started in its native South Africa in the late '90s, and came up during the post-post-grunge years, contemporaries of early 2000s bands like Nickelback and Papa Roach (Seether plays the Riviera on Sunday with the latter).The group hit right before Myspace and Napster upended the entire record industry, possibly the worst time in history to become famous — most of Seether's peers never figured out how to adapt.During her decade-plus run as the frontwoman (and focal point) of Evanescence, she's proven time and time again that she's got plenty of opinions – all you've got to do is ask. Now, in part two, she talks about putting the past to rest, creating new songs and hitting the road as a solo artist. "I haven't done an interview in a while." The music on different.

I couldn't help but notice that there have been over 4,000 comments posted.It's not trying to be mainstream; I feel like I've always made a point to make sure that Evanescence was true to my spirit and my heart and I wasn't just trying to make hits.But at the same time we were on a label, there needed to be a single, radio play, all those sort of things. They were like "We need a song with a little bit of a world-music type thing," but ultimately, it didn't get used in the film.Lee, 31, divorced from Billy Joel in 2010 after six years of marriage.When you're in a band like Seether, your worst fear isn't overdosing or dying in a tour bus crash or contracting an obscure and untreatable STD: It's having to get a day job. Superstar bands have no need to fear this, and baby bands probably already have day jobs, but the bands in the middle are the ones who worry: Maybe they had only one hit, a long time ago.

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