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Atwell, 33, is indisputably alpha: the kind of woman who did a three-month Open University course in art history, haiku poetry and Burma while she was filming the first Captain America in 2010.‘That’s when I was taking myself a lot more seriously.

She was portrayed from September 1998 to September 2005 by actress Rebecca Cartwright and from September to November 2005 by Ella Scott Lynch, after Cartwright left the show for personal reasons.It felt wrong.” Matthew Hampson, the producer, has now admitted that he hadn’t anticipated how much money he would need to put the show on and admits he hasn’t currently the funds to pay Biggins and his fellow performers.Role model After the problems he has been causing the cops in Miami, Justin Bieber could do worse than to heed the advice of Will Poulter, who has managed to survive stardom at an early age and is tipped for a Bafta tomorrow.When it comes to stunts I have a lot of confidence and little skill.’Still, since Atwell took on the role of Agent Peggy Carter in Captain America: The First Avenger five years ago, she has learned to throw a mean left hook — one of the myriad reasons why Carter’s character, as brilliantly inhabited by Atwell, was given her own TV series, the first ever Marvel spin-off to be fronted by a woman.The first season garnered 8m viewers when it premiered on ABC in the US earlier this year.

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